The GSS System™

The GSS System is the new international standard for the distribution of electricity and for the integration of multimedia connectors and accessories. The system allows total freedom to supply the consumers of every country in the world with a high level of safety. This is made possible by elegant adapters, which can be added or repositioned at will, with a simple rotation on the Power Track.

This flexibility in the distribution of electricity, has revolutionized the way we conceive the socket in itself as a fixed unit. The GSS System can simply be placed with any kind of furnishing and located in any kind of space setting thanks to the wide range of profiles that match elegantly with any environment. The GSS System has been carefully designed to easily personalize the Eubiq track. A modular design concept was created to guarantee that the core of the Power Track can be easily integrated within the measuring wall and in baseboards, panels, furniture, partitions and various products for cable management. The central core of the GSS Power Track System can power any device and it’s possible to place any connector on the Eubiq profiles. And a wide range of adapters is available for users all around the world. The customer can access multiple accessories for the immediate use of the Eubiq electrified binary in any environment.